Top Product Management Blog Posts: Week of February 2, 2015

Top Product Management Blog Posts of the WeekLooking for some great reads on product management? Here is a roundup of the top blog posts I read this week. I hope you find them helpful!

  1. A VALUABLE Rubric for Product Requirements:  Nils Davis offers both an infographic and a podcast episode explaining how the VALUABLE rubric offers a more consumer-directed approach to writing good requirements.
  2. The Zen of Product Management #1: EQ and Social Capital: Hiring the “smartest” people doesn’t always ensure that a product manager will be successful in the long run. Paul J of Pivot Services says to focus on EQ, or emotional intelligence.
  3. The Revenge of the Fat Guy: This post by Ben Horowitz outlines some common myths associated with product market fit.

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Lauren MacLeod

Hello, I'm your author, Lauren MacLeod. I spend a lot of my time researching the best practices for product management, and writing articles to share them. I hope you find them helpful! I work at Accompa - one of our products is Accompa - the #1 requirements management software for PM teams.

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