About Us


This is a blog by the friendly folks at Accompa, Inc. We’re a cloud software company with HQ in Silicon Valley.

One of our products is Accompa – a cloud-based requirements management software used by Product Management and related teams to manage requirements & feature requests in a better way.

We spend a lot of our time helping our customers (PM teams at companies of all sizes, from Fortune-500 companies to growing startups) manage their requirements in a better way – to save time, eliminate unnecessary stress, satisfy customer needs better, and build more successful products.

We use this blog to share our thoughts on how companies can improve their product management process and build successful products. Carpe diem!

P.S. We now offer a FREE 30-day trial of our software. If you’re interested in finding a way for your PM team to manage requirements better, we invite you to apply for it. It’s priced to be affordable.