Sharing Product Roadmap With Customers: 5 Simple Ways

Uncle Sam: I want YOU to share your product roadmapIn last week’s post, I discussed the benefits of sharing product roadmap with your customers.

I also mentioned that we share our Product Roadmap with all of our customers. Wondering how you can do so too?

In this post, I will share 5 simple ways you can share your product roadmap with your customers – and start realizing the many benefits.

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Product Managers: Share Your Product Roadmap With Customers

Pushpin on mapI read an interesting blog post yesterday written for customer success managers.

That post recommended customer success managers to share product roadmaps proactively with their customers.

I believe that idea applies equally, if not more, to Product Managers.

In this post, I’m outlining the reasons why… [Read more…]

Can You Manage Requirements Using Bug Trackers Like Bugzilla and JIRA? The Surprising Answer!

I often get the following question when chatting with friends and acquaintances who work at high-tech startups here in Silicon Valley:

Why can’t we manage requirements using bug trackers like Bugzilla and JIRA?

This is a great question, and my answer may surprise you – knowing that I work for Accompa, a company that makes a popular requirements management software!

Here’s my answer to this question… [Read more…]

Why Product Managers Should Avoid Product Complexity

I recently came across a blog post by The Cranky Product Manager about product-line complexity. It’s an entertaining post. More importantly, it makes good points regarding the pitfalls of complexity. In this post, I will share my thoughts on this.

Product and product line complexity happens when we add too many features or when we add overly complex features. Often this happens over time as a product “matures”. It can also happen because of lack of rigor when writing requirements. When it happens, both your customers and your company suffer.

Here is a short list of… [Read more…]

An Inside Peek at Doing Product Management for a Product Management Tool

I received a fun email recently from one of our customers.

As many of you know, at Accompa we make a popular SaaS tool used as product management tool (by PM teams) and requirements management tool (by Engineering teams). Some of you may also know that I manage the Product Management & Marketing teams at Accompa.

Our customer was wondering in his email how it’s like to do product management for a product management tool! I hadn’t consciously thought about it a lot before – but his question got me thinking.

The more I thought, the more I realized there are indeed several differences. In this post, I give you an “inside peek” into the key differences in doing product management for a product management tool. Read & enjoy! 🙂
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