Why “Win/Loss Reports” Shouldn’t Drive Your Product Roadmap

Mike Boudreaux, a fellow Twitterer on Product Management topics, said the following recently – tongue planted firmly in cheek (I think)!

Typical win/loss analysis from sales force: majority of losses due to product and price. Majority of wins due to relationship.

Once I stopped chuckling, this got me thinking of the many pitfalls of overly relying on Win/Loss Reports to drive your product roadmap. Here was my tweet to Mike.

I’d like to expand on my tweet in this blog post.
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Feature Requests From Customers Are Really About Unsolved Problems

I recently read a nice post by Cindy Alvarez in her blog –  Saying “No” to… Feature Requests

One sentence in her post caught my eye:

…many requests for solutions are obscured insights into problems.

This is an excellent point by Cindy.
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Practical Steps for Product Managers to Prioritize Requirements Using ROI

In our last post on this blog, we talked about how ROI Metric can be very helpful to product managers in prioritizing requirements and feature requests.

In this post, we’d like to outline some practical steps that PMs can use to get started with this practice…
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Product Managers: The One Number You Should Know While Prioritizing Requirements

A couple of excellent posts in the blogosphere this week emphasized why you should consider customer problems solved and value added to customers while deciding which requirements/features to implement in your next release.

Scott Sehlhorst wrote:
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