What is MRD? Market Requirements Document

I’m making a quick post today to define the term MRD – Market Requirements Document. I’m often asked about it, now I can just point everyone to this blog post!

Definition of MRD: Market Requirements Document

MRD is a document that is usually written by a Product Marketing Manager or a Product Manager. This document defines the high-level market requirements for a product or project. (See Types of Software Requirements for a list of various types of requirements).

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Can You Manage Requirements Using Bug Trackers Like Bugzilla and JIRA? The Surprising Answer!

I often get the following question when chatting with friends and acquaintances who work at high-tech startups here in Silicon Valley:

Why can’t we manage requirements using bug trackers like Bugzilla and JIRA?

This is a great question, and my answer may surprise you – knowing that I work for Accompa, a company that makes a popular requirements management software!

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Product Management in “Agile” Projects: How Product Managers Can Succeed

Greg Cohen is the author of the new book “Agile Excellence for Product Managers“. We did a quick interview with Greg to get answers to some important questions we had about product management within Agile teams.

If you’re responsible for product management in an Agile team – check out this interview, then go get Greg’s book. As a former President of SVPMA and a certified Scrum Master – Greg knows as much about this topic as anyone. Here’s the interview – drum roll, please!

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“Reason Why” Approach to Managing Requirements

I was reading a recent, excellent post by Tom Grant over at Forrester.

One sentence in particular caught my eye:

“Managing the enhancement list is not the same as understanding the reasons behind those requests.”

I feel this is such a critical (yet routinely overlooked) point, I’m writing this short post to share my thoughts on it.
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Should User Interface (UI) Be a Part of “Requirements”?

Just a quick post to address a question that seems to come up quite frequently.

Should “User Interface” (UI)  be a part of requirements? Do UI specs constitute requirements?

Here is my quick answer to this question…
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