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Hi there – We’ve been on a short hiatus from blogging, as we were working hard to get our Spring 2009 release out on time. We did so on Monday – hooray! ๐Ÿ™‚

This is a short post, but we wanted to share this interesting list with you…

It is based on a quick survey we ran to visitors to some pages of our site between Jan-12th and March-16th. We asked the visitors who were in Product Management or Product Marketing to give us a list of tools they use most often to perform their day-to-day tasks.

Here’s the list of top-10 tools in order of their popularity. Please note that #10 is actually one of the product management tools built for product managers (gasp!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Product Management Tools

  • Microsoft Word
    • MRDs, PRDs, business cases, competitive matrices, etc
  • Microsoft Excel
    • Requirements tracking, Financial analysis, Charts, etc
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
    • Roadmaps, Customer presentations, Training, etc
  • Web Conferencing Tools – Such as WebEx , GoToMeeting
  • Bugtrackers – Such as Bugzilla
    • Collaborate on bugs with Engineering teams
  • Screen Capture and Image Editing Tools
  • Online Office Suites – Such as Google Docs
    • Largely similar use as Microsoft apps above
    • We were surprised these were this popular!
  • Wikis
    • Collaborate with internal teams (Engineering, etc), as well as Customers
  • Survey Tools – Such as Surveymonkey and Surveygizmo
    • Customer surveys
  • Requirements management tools – Such as Accompa
    • We think the presence of these tools in the top-10 list is likely skewed because some of our traffic is from our own customers, and customers of similar software who’re looking to switch
    • That said – we think these useful tools are starting to come into their own, and are starting to get adopted by more and more product management and product marketing teams

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