Sales reps do it, Engineers do it, Why not product managers?

Yesterday I spoke with a prospective customer. They are a midsize enterprise software company, here in Silicon Valley. The reason they’re shopping for a requirements management tool?

They lost a big sales deal (worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars) because they lost track of a critical requirement when their product manager left their company…
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Practical Steps for Product Managers to Prioritize Requirements Using ROI

In our last post on this blog, we talked about how ROI Metric can be very helpful to product managers in prioritizing requirements and feature requests.

In this post, we’d like to outline some practical steps that PMs can use to get started with this practice…
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Product Managers: The One Number You Should Know While Prioritizing Requirements

A couple of excellent posts in the blogosphere this week emphasized why you should consider customer problems solved and value added to customers while deciding which requirements/features to implement in your next release.

Scott Sehlhorst wrote:
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Our blog has a new name – “Practical Product Management” no more!

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that starting today our blog has a new name.

We used to call it “Practical Product Management” – since we write about topics covering practical aspects of product management.

It turns out that our friends at Pragmatic Marketing, Inc have trademark rights for the phrase “Practical Product Management”!
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Usability vs Features – Product Management’s Role

There was an excellent post recently at the Product Management Tips blog by Gopal Shenoy that discusses how the usability of a product is severely affected when you add a lot of features.

Gopal compares his stand-alone GPS unit vs the built-in GPS unit in his new Toyota Camry car, and poses a question:
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