Product Management Comic: “Can We Add a Few Features?”

We’re back with a brand new comic for Product Management teams! We hope you enjoy it!

Episode 4: “Can We Add a Few Features?”


Editor’s Note:
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Product Management Comic: Who Changed My UI

Our previous two posts (on why you shouldn’t drastically change your product’s UI) received a lot of responses. So, we thought we’d make a super-awesome comic about it!

Who-Changed-My-UI [Read more…]

Product Management Comic: They Call Me All the Time

Everybody loves a laugh! Right?

So, we have a new tongue-in-cheek comic series: A Day in the Life of a Product Manager.

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy creating them!

Episode 1: “They Call Me All The Time” 

They-Call-Me-All-The-Time [Read more…]